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Do you want simple and easy ways to look and feel better and be more productive? We can help your co-workers too! Whether it’s fatigue, anxiety, or other reasons you are not feeling your best, you and your co-workers deserve to feel better. I can help you with that!

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Services for Your Team


Psychometric Profiling

Advanced Personality Assessments
Watch as team dynamics transform, boosting engagement and connectedness.

This advanced personality test reveals authentic traits, reducing stress and emotional difficulties. Experience a memorable workshop filled with stories.

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Group Workshops

Health and wellbeing workshops
Our workshops use humour and stories to make learning fun and memorable.

Covering mental health, nutrition, resilience, and more, these sessions are tailored to your needs. Discover practical tips that don’t require major lifestyle changes.

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Health Checks

Health risk assessment
Prevention is better than cure! Ensure your team is not exposed to health risks with state-of-the-art technology.

In just 6 minutes, discover vital health insights and take proactive steps without medication. The assessment is conducted at your workplace or our clinic.

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Services for You

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Nutrition & Wellbeing

Individual comprehensive health assessments
Experience comprehensive, personalised care from a dedicated health professional who listens and looks at the big picture.

From anxiety and fatigue to migraines and menopause, I’m here to help. Your first consultation can take up to two hours, ensuring thorough attention to your health needs.

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Genetic Testing

Unlock your DNA secrets
Unlock life-changing health insights through DNA analysis!

Discover how your unique genetic blueprint influences your health and wellbeing. This simple mouth swab test identifies key genes impacting inflammation, cardiovascular health, and more.

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