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Your DNA is your individual blueprint, a combination of your parents and their ancestors. You can’t change your DNA but you can modify the expression of some genes. This amazing technology helps you look at your DNA and understand how to improve areas that might need additional support. It’s the opportunity for you to access potentially life-changing health information.

How Does DNA Analysis Work?

The analysis is performed with a simple mouth swab using state of the art technology. It looks at the genes in your DNA that affect your health and wellbeing from a nutrition perspective.

What Does The Analysis Look For?

The analysis looks at genes that affect how your body regulates:

  • Inflammation
  • Cellular defence (antioxidant production and detoxification processes)
  • Vitamin D metabolism
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Fat metabolism
  • Cholesterol Regulation

What Will the Analysis Tell Me?

The analysis will give you a unique picture of your genes and any associated variations that can potentially be supported with specific foods and supplements.

What Won’t the Analysis Tell Me?

It’s important to understand that this analysis does NOT show genes that cause specific diseases (Like the BRCA gene mutations for breast cancer risk), nor does it clarify any parentage issues. The analysis looks at genes associated with health and wellbeing.

What Is The Process?

In the first instance we spend about 30 minutes talking about what to expect, and you see an example of a report (mine) and what it means. This discussion can also be added to a general consultation.
If you want to go ahead, then we can take the mouth swab and send the kit to the Fitgene lab in Melbourne. The results are available in around 2 weeks.
An 18 page report is produced and is discussed in a 60-90 minute consultation and includes potential interventions- both nutritional and supplemental.

I Have Had My DNA Analysed Using Ancestry or 23&Me, Can I Use That Raw Data?

Yes you can and it costs much less to do it this way.

Where Can I Get This Test?

Our clinic is in the G-Vitalize building at 2/199 Henley Beach Road, Mile End. There is off-street parking available (access from Rankine Street).

Please call to make an appointment.

Home visit
If you prefer, I can come to your home. There is no extra charge if you are within 10kms of the Adelaide CBD. A $25 additional charge applies for the Adelaide Metro outside this range. If you live in the Barossa Valley region, or Victor Harbour, I can still visit, however, please contact me for the applicable travel surcharge.

Price Guide:

Fitgenes 30 minute Consult$75
Health and Wellbeing kit$330
Extraction using raw data from Ancestry or 23&Me$80
Consultation for report discussion and potential interventions   $125

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