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Need to increase connection and engagement in your team? Got conflict between individuals? Unlock the power and magic of DISC advanced behavioural styles.

It offers insights into why people behave the way they do and once understood enhances communication and understanding.

DISC Workshop

This is my favourite workshop because the changes in the dynamic between work groups and teams is a magical experience for everyone. The increase in engagement and connectedness between people is phenomenal. This workshop includes many stories and is memorable for all who take part and life changing for many.


Why DISC Advanced?

• We use the DISC advanced system because it is the most sophisticated behavioural assessment and is used by universities and all levels of government and business.
• The questionnaire is available in 103 different languages, for members of your team with English as a second language. The report is always provided in English.
• DISC advanced can identify up to 44 base styles, so is much more nuanced than other assessments. This provides a significantly more comprehensive understanding of your team’s complete behavioural style and that provides a much deeper understanding of their behaviour. It is also presented graphically in two ways, to cater for individual understanding. 


DISC Chart

• It’s difficult to fudge the results- There are mechanisms in the system that indicate unreliable results.
• The assessments include action plans so that you get practical results, not just theory. This is a complete project not just an exercise.
• The assessment measures both natural and adaptive styles so it is easy to see the impact of the work environment and potential job pressures on your team member.
Team and pair assessments can be generated where necessary to provide greater detail and insight into the interaction between individual styles.
• Each individual receives a comprehensive 26 page, bound, full colour, assessment.

“I really enjoyed the training and got a lot out of it. I find I am now always trying to identify styles with nearly everyone I deal with, but the big plus is that it is helping me help people in teams to understand each other’s styles.”

Sue Thomas

Organisational Development Manager

What is the Process?


It all starts with a discussion about your goals, the team dynamic, any current conflict, engagement or connection challenges. This can happen face to face, by phone, or over zoom.


Each member of the team is sent an individual link to the assessment, which is takes around 15 minutes. The results are sent directly to us for collation and review.


We schedule the three hour workshop (with a 30minute break) in a location of your choice, whether it be on or off site.
The workshop includes:
• Overview and history of DISC
• Understanding the framework and traits of the different individual behavioural styles
• Identifying your own style
• How to identify the behavioural styles of other individuals
• Understanding other’s styles and how they interrelate with mine
• How to improve communication and understanding between styles
• Developing practical action plans to modify our styles when necessary.

Implementation and Action Plan:

The most important thing is to put into practice what has been learned, so that team members are aware of their own styles in addition to the styles of their workmates. This can be done in many ways, dependent on what works best for your organisation. Meetings with individuals to provide in depth report interpretation are also available.

“I would recommend DISC ADVANCED®, very strongly, to any organisation keen to increase performance and morale.”

Simon Cartwright

Managing Director

How Many Participants?

It works best when there are between 8 and 15 people. These are the best numbers for interaction and great outcomes. It also works best when there are different levels within the group, so some frontline and some management.


Price Guide

Workshop (including initial discussion and implementation meetings):                                               $4500

 Assessment (per attendee) includes 26 page full colour bound report                                               $175

 Individual debrief 45-60 minutes (per person)                                                                                       $150

Attention: Regional South Australia!

All of our workshops are offered throughout South Australia, including but not limited to Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln, Whyalla and Port Augusta and everywhere in between. All travel and accommodation charges are invoiced at cost. 

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