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Prevention is better than cure! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you and your team are not exposed to any health risks that might lead to a lifechanging event? We can find out using state of the art technology and the results are available in 6 minutes! And, if anyone is at risk, we give them the knowledge to do something about it – often without medication.  You could be saving a teammate’s life!


How It Works

First, we sit down and have a chat about diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels. We also talk about personal and family medical history. Then we conduct some objective tests so we can measure how your body is responding to your lifestyle.

What We Test

Heart attack and stroke risk

We do this by looking at muscle and weight composition, hydration and blood pressure. We also measure blood cholesterol and fat levels (using a small drop of blood from your finger).

Diabetes risk:

Using just a small drop of blood, we assess average blood glucose levels over a 3 month period. This provides a more accurate overview of your risk of developing diabetes, a disease which can lead to multiple debilitating conditions. Once we know the risk we can prepare a course of action for future health.

Please note: All results and advice are protected by client confidentiality.

Where Can You Get Assessed?

The assessment can be performed at your workplace during work hours. The instruments used to measure these risks are all very accurate and are portable, mini versions of those used in a pathology lab. All that is needed is a private room with a desk, two chairs and power. If it’s more convenient, the assessment can also take place at the Upside Focus Clinic on Henley Beach Road at Mile End.

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How Long Does It Take?

Allow 45 minutes to one hour for all the tests, to discuss potential factors and then talk about the results and what action to take.


Price Guide:

For all the tests including full reports and written advice$185 per employee

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