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Do you want simple and easy ways to look and feel better and be more productive? We can help your co-workers too! Whether it’s fatigue, anxiety, or other reasons you are not feeling your best, you and your co-workers deserve to feel better. I can help you with that!

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For your team

A Group workshop

Group Workshops

Health and wellbeing workshops
Simple tools and hacks for better health and wellbeing without giving up the things we love.

Psychometric profiling
A powerful tool for reconnecting people and teams, bringing them back together and enhancing engagement – It is magical to see!     -provided by a certified trainer.

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Workforce Health Checks

Health risk assessment
64% of the adult population have 3 or more risk factors that could lead to a major health event like a stroke or heart attack. (Source: Heart Foundation).

The good news is that if caught in time, they can often be reduced. Using this service could save a workmate’s life!

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For you

Nutrition and Well-being

Individual comprehensive health assessments
Where you are listened to for as long as it takes you to explain. Two hours is not unusual if your history is complex!

You will receive a personalised treatment plan  and, if necessary, pathology or other tests can be ordered and supplements prescribed.

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Genetic Testing

Unlock your DNA secrets
This test uses new DNA technology and allows us to plan personalised nutrition strategies, including how your body processes carbs and assessment of your immune response.

The test is simple and interpretation is provided by an accredited Fitgenes practitioner.

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